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🌎Quarantining during pandemic has led to lot of ppl appreciating nature and nature’s beauty. .

🌎So earth day couldn’t hv come at a more opportune time . I hope everyone realises the importance of the habitat that we live and start taking care and nurturing them . .

🌎Besides doing the school assignments, the toddler was super interested in making earth and segregate it between land and water .

🌎We cut a circle from a cardboard and tried to draw the world map on the earth and pasted coloured papers accordingly ! Green for land and blue for ocean :) .

🌎Along with this simple activity one thing that I tried doing is made him identify the diff countries In the map so that he can recognise continents, countries . The toddler has started recognising counties and that was a good step in this direction:) .


🌎take care of the earth !

#stayhomestaysafe😷 .

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