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. 🎊So many exciting milestones take place during a baby’s first year of life. Often, parents wonder whether their baby’s development is on track. While its imp to remember, development doesn't take place exactly the way its described in books. . 🎊One such baby milestone is the Tummy Time! As a brand new parent, tummy time may be a new concept to you. And that’s ok! But the truth is, tummy time will help your baby hit imp milestones along the road to toddler-dome. . 🎊Do you know when you can start tummy time? Now! Tummy time for newborns is completely safe in small doses. Just a few minutes of tummy time each day will help your baby improve gross motor skills avoiding flat head syndrome along with other benefits. 🎊Understanding your baby's milestones in Tummy Time can help you more confidently & creatively in ways that match your little nugget's unfolding abilities. It can also give you an idea if your baby is on track with other milestones - like rolling or crawling. 🔴Let's now look at Tummy Time milestones periodically (0- 3 MONTHS) :- . ➡️Tummy time: Month 1 From newborn babies can be placed on their tummies as they have enough neck muscles to lift their head enough to turn their head to place the opp cheek down. It encourages their legs to straighten so their lower belly touches the surface underneath. . ➡️Tummy time: Month 2 By their second month, your baby will look less curled up in the fetal position than before. Their arms start to move further away from the body & will eventually begin to press their hands down into the surface to push their shoulders and chest up very slightly. They may also manage to put some weight on their forearms & shoulders to help bring their hands out from underneath his chest. . ➡️Tummy time: Month 3 By your baby’s 3rd month you may notice they are able to lift their head between 45-90 degrees without bobbing. They will be able to put more weight on their elbows & be able to lift their shoulders by holding their weight on the forearms. This helps build strength in the chest and shoulder muscles. . So mommies, comment down below what was that milestone that made you extremely excited?😍 . #mommylife #momblogger #thespunkymom #tummytime #infantdiaries #infantdevelopment #indianmomblogger #momof2 #mumbaimomblogger #toddlertales #toddlerdiaries #babymilestones

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