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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

#Tuesdaytoddlerthread . . Apologies for not being consistent on the Tuesday activity as with a newborn and a toddler at home it’s a tornado that I have to bear😝 but here goes our activity for today ... . . 🔨Does your lil one love tools ? 🔧 . . 🍃Mine does and therefore I decided to have fun with him on a rainy day⛈ using some 1.Match sticks, 2.toy hammer🔨 dough. . . 🍃All of them being lil P’s fav! A great activity to work those little hands and practise some fine motor skills. . . 🍃I placed the matchsticks in the play dough and asked him to pound it. He loved the idea of whacking the matchsticks till they go inside completely. . . 🍃To get a good hit he had to fix the matchstick properly and he loved this lil challenge. This activity was good for his hand eye coordination too. . . 🍃Soon he tried different ways to put the matchsticks inside. He kept himself busy by pulling the matchsticks and pushing it with his hands too. . . 🍃Good fun activity that managed to keep his curiousity alive ! In the meantime this mom of 2 got some peace of mind while the toddler was busy and the baby asleep. . . 🍃Do try this at home and tag me and let me know if your bubs enjoy the activity as much as we enjoyed ! .

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