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👶🎊You know what’s pretty amazing about your new baby? Aside from the button nose and new baby smell, ur little nugget is hardwired to be interested in things that promote learning & development. Awesome, right? Finally an aspect of parenting an infant that’s straightforward!😃 . 👶🎊Now, you might be wondering, “What’s a newborn baby interested in besides crying, pooping, sleeping and eating?” The answer? The ceiling fan. The stripes on your shirt. In a word - LOOKING. Visual play is one of the best ways to engage your little one during active awake times. Most newborns are very interested in visual play cuz it promotes the important learning & development that needs to happen with their sense of sight. By looking intently at things, your little one is executing his or her developmental blueprint. . 🎊WHY VISUAL PLAY IS IMPORTANT Its assumed that it will take time for ur baby to learn to roll & sit up & walk. But did you know that your baby also has to learn to use their senses?🤔 Some senses, like touch and hearing are more developed at birth. But others, like your baby’s sense of vision, need time and practice to get precise and accurate. . 🎊WHAT CAN YOUR NEW BABY SEE? In the first 1-3 months of life, your baby is nearsighted and is best able to see objects close up (8-10” from her face). The quality of her vision is poor so objects appear blurry. He is best able to see simple, bold, high contrast (think black and white or red and white) images⚫⚪🔴 . 🎊TOYS FOR NEWBORN The best toys for newborn visual play feature simple, high contrast images and can be placed within 12" of baby. & it’s extra helpful if baby can interact with the toy in different body positions (laying on the back, Tummy Time, sidelying) and in different spots around the house and/or when on the go. It's ok to give babies rattles too but isn't as effective for their vision sense.😮 . ⚫⚪I use these black&white printed images for Saransh in this active awake time for his visual play, which have been very effective and handy. I take my lil one outside in fresh air with these high contrast cards cuz Nature is the best way to Nurture.🌴 . 🔦🚫Flashing light toys may capture baby's visual attention but don't support the visual skills they're working on. They may also be overstimulating to a newborn and therefore I don't recommend them for babies in the first 3 months.If you do have toys with flashing lights, use them in moderation and monitor baby closely for signs of fussiness and visual avoidance. . ❤If you have any questions about the right toys to engage your new born, hit me up or comment down below! ❤ . #mommylife #thespunkymom #momblogger #mumbaimomblogger #indianmomblogger #infantdevelopment #infantdiaries #visionsense #toddlertales #toddlerdiaries #babymilestones #learning #toysforinfants #babytoys

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