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🌷Every month ur baby grows and it’s upon you as a parent to engage your darling in interesting activities. Make sure the activities you choose should be fun, and on the other hand helps in developing cognitive senses of your infant. .

My lil one loves his fantastic toys, however I feel they limit the scope for interactive play and I wanted to introduce new things into the mix. So for anyone who is at a bit of a loss for some fun ideas and games to play with their baby, I have complied a list of some of our favourite and simple games. .

🎁TREASURE BASKET- containers filled with normal household objects for baby to explore. This is fun and engaging for the baby. The lil ones will love to explore and go through different objects. .

🎊FOAM PARTY- Make some coloured foam in minutes and let your baby play with it. .

🥁HOME MADE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS- simply take a bottle and fill a little with rice or any lentils and let your baby enjoy the sounds. You can also take small cups n spoons to create your own drum kit. .


This baby safe edible goo is simply cornflour and water. It is interactive and wonderfully messy. .

💦WATER PLAY- this is perfect for the summers. Fill a small tub with water and let your baby do a splish-splash. .

⛰MOUNTAIN CLIMBING- Using pillows and cushions create a mountain on the bed or on a mattress and ask your kid to climb on it.


Try out these fun activities with your lil ones and let me know if they enjoyed it.🤩

If you mommies know of more such fun activities, mention them in the comments down below and give some ❤️ to the post. .



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