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Toddler Tantrum Handling Tip

Lil P : I want bikit ( buiscuit) at night 11 pm ( it’s night time I didn’t want to give him biscuits I tried to dodge the request ...

P.S: please don’t judge me. I try to give healthy meal but when folks in the house are having chai and biscuit then it’s very difficult to keep it away from the child. I however try to restrict it and hence was ignoring his q!

A full blown toddler tantrum at night was about to begin as lil P was hell bent on eating a bikit. Now the min I realised I tried to change my strategy ...

Me: Sweetheart do u kno biscuits are right now sitting in the moon. So how did bikits went there ? By car or by bus ...

Lil P : no !!! By balnce (ambulance) neee noooo neee noooo ( making the sound of ambulance ) and showing how bikits sat on it and went 😄

#momwin I got his imagination running and handled the potential tantrum ! For 10 min we kept on talking about the various car sounds and how bikits went on diff ones in the sky lol. #missionaccomplished.

So to avoid a meltdown it’s sometimes important to get them involved and let them run the show.Remember this is not the time to reason out with them. They are still babies. Will be posting more of my live examples as we have officially entered in the terrible toddler phase.

What’s the cheat sheet you follow mamma? Would love to know more !

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