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TIPS TO INTRODUCE SOLIDS TO YOUR LIL ONE. Giving your baby his/her first taste of solid food is a major milestone. Here's what u need to knw before ur lil one takes that first bite :- . ⭐Take a 3 day allergy test to check for allergies ⭐Try giving the food that u r eating & there is absolutely no need to make separate food for d baby. Try mashing d food a lil and give them. You'll b amazed to see how well d babies adapt to the food and this will help in raising a good eater rather than a fussy one✌🏽 . 👶Let the baby to experiment with food. Don’t worry about d mess. Give some finger food to play. 🥗Offer variety of food be it fruits or veggies 🍗U can even introduce chicken n eggs to d baby but just ensure that u rule out d allergy . 🍼Babies tend to get constipated in d first few days of the food introduction. Just offer adequate water or breastfeed at regular intervals so that d constipation is taken care of. If d constipation still persists then u can offer papaya, prunes etc to relieve d constipation. . 🚫No sugar till one year & limit d amount of salt too till one year . 🚫Do not replace breastfeeding with meal time. In d initial months meal time is usually for d baby to get used to the solids and to learn to swallow. The major nutrition that the baby is gets is from d breast milk. Continue to breastfeed d baby as long as the possible. . 🚫Don’t get panicked if the poop color varies from day to day acc to the food that he or she has eaten. Don’t fret as their body is getting used to it and initially the food doesn’t get absorbed by the body, it passes in the poop. Slowly and eventually the food starts getting absorbed by the body. So don’t worry if the baby has eaten beet root and suddenly u see a reddish potty. It’s normal !😀 . ⭐Set up a schedule for d baby. Keep a calm atmosphere away from tv or loud music so that d baby can focus on the food. . ⭐🚫The solid foods that shouldn’t be given to the baby are: - Honey - Cows milk. (It would be better if introduced post 1 year) - Nuts, grapes, n any kind of processed food. Try sticking to simple home made food. . So, did u find this post helpful? Let me knw in the comments if u want me to cover more such topic

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