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Thursday Toddler Thread

🔅In today's #Thursdaytoddlerthread I'm sharing a simple, fun, and quite beautiful activity for little ones. This is the Pipe Cleaner and Colander activity. Lil P was not in a mood for going down to play and wanted to spend some quiet time at home so to keep the energetic kid engaged I had to plan something up super quick. . ⭐I Had pipe cleaners from the arts and crafts box and I took out those put a colander in front of him. Wanted to see how my son progresses with these two stuff. lil P started to stuck the pipe cleaner and take it outside from the tiny hole. He was having fun in putting and pulling the sparkly and colorful pipe cleaners through the holes . . 🔅honestly this activity was too simple for him as it is best suited for 2-2.5 year olds but hey as long as he is having fun there is no harm in revisiting simple activities instead of thinking of newer ones . It really improved him fine motor skills by working in tiny spaces. . 🔅It's also good for keeping little hands occupied while you mommies can finish off with your chores. I def got some time off as he was busy with this . . 🥰Try this out with your lil ones and let me know if they had fun and kept them busy. . 🥳Make sure to check out other such fun activities for toddlers on my page by following the hashtag #thespunkymomactivity . . . #thespunkymom #momblogger #mumbaimomblogger #indianmomblogger #mommylife #momof2 #infantdiaries #toddlertales #toddlerdiaries #babymilestones #thursdaytoddlerthread

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