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💫Motherhood doesn’t mean u hv to do it all alone ! 💫 . 🌱Motherhood is tough and so are you mommy! . . 🍃I hv been out of sorts in this dept of motherhood since a last few days. A demanding toddler and an equally demanding baby topples your game right? 🍃 . . 🍁A toddler tantrum to a baby, who is constantly feeding, totally dependent on me, accompanied by less sleep, made me go bonkers and super emotional. 🍁 . . 💐I found myself sitting in the corner asking myself "WHY? Why do I hv to go through this?" I started hving all kinds of doubts about myself. Sometimes we do question our sanity and doubt ourselves. We feel as if we are all alone. . . 🌷These last few days have been like that! That’s when I reached out to my #Momtribe and friends, and poured my heart out. I started getting all positive messages from my mom support group . . . 🌿💕So here is what one can do to survive motherhood : 1. Knowing that u r not alone . Every body goes through this feeling. . . 2. Find your mom support group who are there with you physically or virtually 24/7 . . 3. Letting go and taking a break from the kids. I took a clean guilt free break from the kids sunday morning, and went for a light hearted movie. This uplifted my mood and Im back with renewed energy. So no #mondayblues for me atleast. Now I can handle few more days without losing my sanity 😀 . . 4. Speaking it out to your spouse. Your spouse is in this too so speak it out with him and don’t keep things bottled inside . . 5. Did I mention find your mom tribe? A mommy support group is extremely therepeutic in many ways! 😀😀 . . 🌱Do share your motherhood journey! What struggles u face? If u need any mommy support, reach out to me and I will be all ears for u to make this motherhood journey easier for u... I gotcha u! We are all in this together!...💫 . . . #motherhoodistough #postpartumlife #momfriendsarethebestfriends #motherhoodunplugged #momof2under4 #mumfie #momofboys #momof2 #thespunkymom #ig_mothehood #momblogger #indianmomblogger #mumbaimoms @motherandbabyindia

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