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Surprise Babyshower!💕


So hard to believe that it has been over 1.5 months of being a Mom to two precious babies!👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 🎉Throwback to this magical day, when my friends threw a surprise Babyshower for me celebrating the impending arrival of our baby boy #2.🤰🥰 . . I was at the mall running errands, and when I returned home, I was surprised by all my close friends and family.😍 To this day, I cannot forget how excited I was seeing all my dear ones and I felt so overwhelmed by all their efforts into making my day so so special.💖 . . 🎊They decorated my house so beautifully, baked me my favorite cake🎂, and showered me with lots and lots of gifts and affection🥰🎁. . . I loved being pregnant and kind of miss it too (isn't that funny!) But theres no other feeling more satisfying than a little warm baby tummy resting on me. Oh how precious is this motherhood!💕 . . 💎No one can ever teach or share enough to prepare us for what is to come, every day is a learning process. Just as our bellies grew every week when pregnant so does our unique daily experiences make us better and better moms to our babies.💕 . . 😇Thankful to the Lord for teaching me what I need to know and giving me patience and persistence to stay positive and uplifted as my little family and I grow stronger with each new day. ❤️ . . 🎀💕My surprise Babyshower was indeed my most favorite part of my pregnancy journey. What was your favorite memory of your pregnancy? Comment down below! . . #babyshower #thespunkymom#momblogger #pregnancydiary#pregnantmommy #bestsurprise#blessed #momof2boys#momblogger #secondtimemom#bumpfie #mumfie#mumfie

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