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#stayhomestaysafe .

🌻How I wished right now to go out and enjoy the outdoors on a sunday . Like me I m sure u ll must b also cravingfor some outdoor time. nobody wants to stay at home and get bored . We all like to go out and enjoy with friends. Trust me it’s difficult to contain 2 young kids who have immense energy to stay at home but in critical situation like this the one thing that we can absolutely do is #staysafebystayinghome . .

🌻For the sake of your loved ones take a stand against coronavirus and distance yourself!


#jantacurfew is today and I urge you to follow social distancing from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm . .

🌻Cook a meal, clean together, watch Netflix, chill or catch up on your sleep but please stay indoors and practise #socialdistancing! .

🌻it all seems like everybody is saying the same thing and I am just repeating what’s been told zillion times but I guess there are still people who don’t understand . .

🌻There are people who are having play dates in the society coz they are bored or the parents need their me time ! Ppl are hopping over to their neighbours house for parties . Kitty parties and b day parties are still happening. 🤷‍♀️


🌻It’s an earnest urge to stop any form of social gatherings from our end for the next few weeks . Not to infuse fear but India is rapidly moving towards stage 3 so all those who feel they are invincible please show some kindness towards each other, show some self restrain to help #flatteningthecurve .


#againstcorona #gocaronago #forgettheplaydate #thespunkymom @plixxo @narendramodi @who #notsponsored

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