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🎀Cheers to the strong women .. May we know them May we be them May we raise them ! . 🎀India is facing a mammoth problem of plastic waste management. A group of mothers from Mumbai are confronting a part of this problem, by pulling in, emphasizing & promoting the use of cloth diapers over disposable one's, as they are reusable. . 🎀Every year lakhs of used diapers fill-in India's landfills, plastic which takes 100's of years to disintegrate. . 🎀And that's what our #SpunkyMomSuperWomanTales is... Pallavi Utagi & her team, came up with the idea of reusable cloth diapers, thus sustaining an eco-friendly environment. 🎀She indeed was driven by the concern for her baby like every other mother, but she was also thoughtful about the environment she lives in! Pallavi is truly an inspiration for many other womenpreneurs and I wish her all the very best for her endeavours! She's indeed a #MomWhoInspires . 🎀Today, women are not only empowered but also committed to bring changes in the world, never doubt on binding citizens because indeed it is the only thing that ever has!

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