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SLEEP DEPRIVATION . . 🍃Is this what a new stressed sleep deprived mom looks like ? No! Hello no ! Whom am I kidding ? This is a selfie post Instagram filter. What if I put a real pic on insta? The fact is that most of u my followers will leave me and go where u find pretty and smiling pics isn’t it right ? 😃 . . 🍃Anyways coming to the point - talking about SLEEP DEPRIVATION post partum! . 🍃I don’t kno how other insta moms do it but with 2 kids I m completely sleep deprived🤦🏻‍♀️ . 🍃When on a sunday ppl usually posts happy pics here I am sitting in my pjs, trying to rock the uncombed hair, without bath making my baby sleep while also looking out for the toddler 🤦🏻‍♀️ . 🍃While u may b wondering why am I on insta and not sleeping. I gen don’t post regularly coz my hands r full genuinely. But ladies this deserves attention! Sleep deprivation is like an extreme torture and there are too many side effects of it! . 🍃So how does one survives it ? Not that I able to but here’s what I feel would work to survive this :- . 🔶sleeping when the baby sleeps. Everybody tells u this but matching the sleeping schedules get difficult. However it’s a decent advice as sleeping while the baby naps helps one to combat the extreme tiredness . . 🔶Trust few ppl to take care of your baby - I am guilty of this one🤦🏻‍♀️ . I hv trust issues with others taking care of my baby. Take help from trusted ppl to relive u and give u few extra hours of sleep. I genuinely need to learn the art of letting go . . 🔶Listen to your moms and mom in laws and eat healthy - this is not the time to think about diet or watching weight. A nursing mom needs all the nutrition and eating green veggies, complex carbohydrates and good fat.So it’s ok I feel to indulge in those laddos. Eating right helps in giving the extra energy u need for feeding as well as surviving the sleep deprivation. . . 🔶Take turns - While my husband would take care of his burps, changing diapers and clothes in the night I just feed the baby and hand it to him to get some much needed extra rest . 🔶So mommies who can relate with me ? Any other tips for this mom to survive sleep deprivation? . . . #thespunkymom #momblogger#momblogger

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