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Sensory Play with Water Beads

We are in love with sensory play if you have read my earlier blogs, you would know that sensory play is extremely important for children. Kids learn a lot by using their senses and one such amazing sensory play item is water beads!

So, what are water beads?

Water beads were actually designed to be used for floral arrangements, Not only do they look good but they also help in water absorption

But did you know that they can act as amazing sensory experience for your kids. We also just discovered them and in head over heels in love with them.

How do the water beads look?

Water beads come in dehydrated state in a packet and they are very tiny. Once soaked in water overnight they expand and become a size of marble. I bought these from a local store however can be brought online too.

They come in various colors but I have taken multicolored water beads for teaching my kid color recognition as well (trying to kill two birds with one stone) 😊.

When expanded, water beads are smooth, supple, slippery, squishy and extremely fun to touch.

Here is what I did with these cool fun water beads:-

1. I had put all the water beads in the empty bin and added few alphabets for lil P to learn and explore while having fun too.

However, you can just fill the bins with water beads and enjoy the uninterrupted quiet time while your kid is thoroughly engaged in the activity. Lil P had a blast touching the feathery little balls while also learning colors and alphabets. #momwin situation, right?

2. There are many ways to play with these water beads and I am sure I am going to explore more but when lil P got saturated with playing I gave him a toy hammer to crush the water beads to unravel the extra fun. Trust me my toddler was occupied for 2 hours touching, squishing and then hammering these colourful water beads. Later I also made him to clean the mess and he was more than happy to oblige in the hope that mumma will come up with more such activities in future 😊

Additional activities that can be tried with water beads is sorting, pouring water to see it growing in size , sensory bags that can come handy for travel purpose or long drives, calming a cranky baby by putting water beads in an airtight bottle

Just a word of caution: Parental supervision is required if baby still puts stuff in his/ her mouth.

Mommies if you haven’t tried this activity my recommendation is to give it a try. Its easy peasy, requires very little planning an works well for a working mom like me and guarantees loads of unlimited fun and screen free time for the kids ! what more do you need?

Do let me know if you have any additional ideas or easy activities that you try with your kid that keeps him engaged and intrigued. Would love to know mommies!

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