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Sensory Bins

As the name suggests, this play is all about using the senses. Young toddlers love to explore their environment by using all their 5 senses – touch, see, feel, taste and smell. That is why you keep seeing toddlers outing stuff in their mouths or playing with food, sand, clay, water anything that they encounter. The sensory bins come in handy to keep the mess restricted to the bin 😊

What are sensory bins?

Those who don’t know sensory bins are plastic box or bin that you fill up with different textures which are easily available at home. Throw some toys in the bins and let the imagination of the child run wild!

Now why are sensory bins important?

Sensory bins help the child to develop his senses and boosts his imagination, facilitates exploration and a great tool to get the child to focus and use his curiosity to create, investigate and explore the world through his imagination.

This further leads to child’s development in learning more complex tasks in future and it helps in gross motor skills, language development and problem tacking skills.

Sensory bins are easy to set up and though lil P has been exploring a lot of textures through unstructured ways, I decided to overcome my laziness and finally set up our first sensory bin 😊

I filled the box with puffed rice and hid his animals. He had to rescue the animal from there and identify the animals after rescuing them. So learning about animals and exploring the textures at one time! #momwin

He thoroughly enjoyed himself and went on to hide his cars in the sensory bin only to take them out later for cleaning 😊

We are definitely going to explore more sensory activates in future. Moms do you have any such easy to set up ideas to keep an energetic toddler engaged?

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