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Putting Clothespeg to Clothesline

Updated: May 24, 2018

So putting the clothes peg to the clothes line can be easy right ? No! Ask a toddler and you would know that it is not at all an easy task! .

With the advent of dryer the old method of putting clothes on clothesline is not much explored... we are at Nana’s house ( maternal grandad) and I almost squealed in happiness when I saw the clothesline ! .

I encouraged Lil P to try putting pegs to the clothesline and since it’s winter over here we avoided the wet clothes ... Lil P struggled a lot and the clothesline vibrates and moves when u start putting the pegs on to it did not help us much.

It needs a lot of concentration and immense #handeyecoordination to get it right. When he finally got it right Trust me I jumped in joy ! This activity helps in #finemotorskills and helps in #buildingmusclesofthehand . . I love how the simplest of things can teach so much and therefore moving away from city and visiting our maternal home is doing us lot of good ! .

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