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Pregnancy Stretch Marks

One of the main fears almost every women have when they get to know that they are a Expecting mom-to-be are Stretch Marks!

We have a love/hate relationship with our stretch marks.

Most women get them (about 90%, in fact) during pregnancy, and while there are dozens of so-called stretch mark preventing and erasing creams on the market, I'm not sure any of them really work on making the marks disappear.

You know what does work? Seeing the beauty in your “stripes” and embracing them as a part of your motherhood journey.

Stretch marks remind us that we are different than we used to be.

Stretch marks remind us that we are strong.

Stretch marks remind us that we are miracle workers—that we created a human inside of our bodies.

Stretch marks remind us about things that sometimes make us sad—sad that our tummies and bodies aren’t as tight as they used to be. Stretch marks can make us feel heavy with the burden of motherhood. They’re a tattoo of our responsibility that never leaves. There is no shame in stretch marks.

Because stretch marks also remind us that we are warrior mamas who face challenges with strength.

Sure, they may annoy you from time to time, but those marks got you to where you are right now: with that beautiful baby by your side.

We allow ourselves to be sad, sometimes, about our stretch marks. But when too much negativity creeps in, we speak a truth back at those negative thoughts: I am a warrior. I made a human, with my body. I am beautiful.

I do love my marks and I embrace them. But along with that, it is extremely important to take care of your body during this journey. During pregnancy, our skins tend to get very dry and sensitive. In order to prevent your skin from cracking due to dryness, it is crucial to always keep your skin moisturised and hydrated.

I'm a 2nd time Mom-to-be and currently in my 3rd trimester. I realise the changes that my body is going through, and I realise the importance of taking care of myself and my stretch marks. There are tons of home remedies as well as creams used to treat stretch marks particularly, but I have recently tried this product - stretch marks oil and body butter for stretch marks by Moms & Co. I am using this product and extremely happy with the results. The itchiness and the dryness of the skin has gone completely. I use it everyday and would recommend it to every mom to be too. It’s a non sponsored post as I thought there are many moms to be who can get benefits from an unbiased and honest opinion about a product. So go mommies do try it out and if nothing works remember that you are beautiful and wear your marks like a badge of honour!

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