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Post-baby Marital Relationship🌷

🌷how is the relationship post a baby ? . 🌷I had to dig for a pic of only the two of us as my phone is flooded with pics of my babies since 2016! . 🌷Post baby our life has revolved around the baby pretty much. The tiny human that we had created pretty much rocked our world (quite literally) . 🌷since then we never got time to nurture our relation the way we use to. There were lot of things that we use to do together before the baby was born like sitting on the couch watching Big Bang theory or some series on laptop as Netflix wasn’t there, going on treks, going for early morning long hour drives and many more but post baby I don’t rem when was the last time we have sat together leave alone watched any series back to back . . 🌷With a new born at home now it’s even more difficult to find out time as we r constantly juggling between a toddler and a newborn. My husband is forever taking care of my toddler while I am involved with the newborn. . 🌷However thanks to my friend @arti_mydailycupoflife to nudge me and to cull out a pic of both of us and remind me to take some time out for ‘US’ . 🌷I ll surely try to include some normalcy in our topsy turvy life right now 😃 and try to remind myself to make each day a memorable one even if it’s for few minutes in a day :) #alovelyweek. Thank you @thathusbandstuff to start the initiative Nominating few of the moms @adventuresofzohaan, @super_mummarnb@mommys.dayout and also urge them to take out time this week with their partner and not to forget the ‘US’ in the relationship! . . . #thespunkymom #relationshipgoals#honestmotherhood #newmomlife#momof2 #momof2under4#momof2boys

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