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Physical Health before Pregnancy

Fitness is important for everyone but extremely important for women as our body is governed mainly by hormones and an adequate exercise regime helps in keeping many diseases at bay and keeps the hormones in check too besides helping you to get into the skinny jeans you have been drooling over

Now let’s talk about physical health when trying to conceive ... Here’s few simple things you should incorporate in your lifestyle before conceiving. I am not a medical practitioner or a dietician but here are the few tips that I followed which may help many of you.

First and foremost, get a full body check up and start taking essential vitamins and minerals before trying. Please discuss it with the doctor and your gynecologist can recommend the essential vitamins to be taken and give you a go ahead to start any new physical activity / gym

Once you get the clearance, get your workout gear out…A good and regular exercise helps you not only to reduce or maintain weight but also elevates mood and helps in balancing the hormones which is very important for conceiving. If you find gym boring then fret not as running, using stairs, dancing, playing a sport, aerobics, pilates etc are equally good to give your body the required exercise. Most important is to build your core: start building your core muscles and incorporate Kegel exercises. A Strong core gives the much better balance and posture which is crucial for pregnancy

Also remember that diet plays a crucial role in overall fitness so please do not ignore the diet: Have the right amount of carbs, fat and protein to nourish your body. Diet doesn't mean to starve yourself, get the right nourishment and do not get drowned in the fad diets.Start with making small changes in your diet and maintain a healthy mix of complex carbohydrates like whole grain breads and cereals, brown rice, some vegetables, beans, certain fruits. They can help to maintain energy levels and provide you with fiber your body needs.

Fat is a nutrient that is also essential and should be taken in right quantity. So yes the quintessential ghee can be incorporated in your diet. High protein should be incorporated as it is important for fertility. Whole eggs, egg whites, meat, poultry, fish especially those rich in omega 3 fatty acids should be taken.

Vegetarians should take beans, legumes, soybean, paneer/ tofu, curd etc. Also start having seasonal fruits and veggies and nourish your body to increase your chances of pregnancy

Do NOT focus on weight loss – While it sounds tempting but do not get into deprived mode rather nourish your body with right nutrients and maintain your weight. A well balanced diet is what you need at this moment

Last but not the least also encourage the partner to take his fitness levels seriously. Being active and healthy is good for both of you and increase chances of conception.

So happy babymaking and let me know if these tips are helpful!

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