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Peek -a - Boo with Animals

If you follow my blog, you would be aware I love doing practical life skills with my toddler. As a full time working mom, I crave for the time we spend together and doing activities with my kid is my way of destressing and bonding.

The activities that I do are very simple, basic and easy to set up so that its hassle free. My activities are always child led and I set it up and let my kid to take charge by guiding him gently. This week I decided to introduce animal recognition, animal sounds in a fun way. Language development is an important milestone and since Lil P has recently started speaking I feel it is important to expose them to all sounds and help them to mimic the sounds with the object. Kids finds animals quite fascinating and it is good to expose them to the world of animals. Instead of doing the traditional way, there are fun ways to introduce animals to them. So, I have tried setting up an activity on one such day, I tried to set up an activity on animals.

I created a peek a boo with animals. What you need: -

1. Artificial grass. I took orange grass as lil P loves orange color

2. A tray

3. Farm animals

4. Tongs

I hid the animals in the orange jungle that I created for him and he had to unearth the animals, name them and mimic the animal sound corresponding the animal. Fun, isn’t it? Afterwards I tried to challenge him by throwing the tong and asked him to pick up the animals using the tongs.

Yes, it’s not only oodles of fun but also a learning activity for him. With this small activity, he has been feeling the texture of the grass, worked on his language development, followed mama's instructions which boosted his listening skills and the ability to follow instructions and also used this imagination and thinking power to take charge and steer the play in his own way. Moreover a good distraction from screen time which is a win win situation right!

The other fun ways that you can introduce animals by singing rhymes like old Mc Donald’s, animal flash cards and matching animals corresponding to the animals in the flash cards or if you have the luxury take them to zoo or national park. We are a singing family as you have seen in my instagram stories. So we keep singing rhymes specifically on animals when we are traveling by car.

Does your kid too love animals ? How have you introduced animals to your lil one? Would love to know. Any other topic that you would want me to focus.

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