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MY BIRTH STORY! (Premature Awareness)

My birth story ! It’s been more than 6 months since my second baby was born. I received many of requests from people to share his pic and also about him in general which I was refraining for a long time coz I was extremely protective about him. Rightly so every mom is protective about her baby but in my case not many people know that a completely healthy pregnancy turned into my worst nightmare when I was told during my growth scan that the Baby’s growth is not satisfactory and he isn’t growing the way he should be growing. I was put on a high alert by my gynaec and was asked to monitor kicks closely and report to the hospital every second day for a scan and NST. Not knowing what had hit me since I couldn’t wrap my head around why is this occurring. I have been eating healthy, taking care of my body and weight, doing my exercises and feeling awesome yet my body wasn’t able to give the nourishment which the baby required. With each scan the gloominess loomed us as the baby’s growth wasn’t progressing the way the docs wanted. That is when I was told that I had IUGR (Infra Uterine Growth Restriction) a term about which I had no idea about and had not even heard of before or even during my first pregnancy. Palash had been a normal 39 weeks+ baby so there was no doubt in my head about the second baby as well. But god had other plans and here we were told that my womb has now become a hostile place for the baby and they would wait for the 34 weeks to cross if possible and would take out the baby as keeping him inside is dangerous. Our baby was in trouble and I didn’t know what can be done to help him! I was perfect on the outside and many who didn’t hv a clue use to say “wow u don’t look like pregnant!” Was it a compliment? I dunno. I wished I could look more pregnant as I only knew that my baby wasn’t growing well inside and there was nothing that I could do to help him! Doctors didn’t tell me the reason for IUGR except that my placenta wasn’t giving enough nourishment to the baby to thrive in the uterus. With each scan I was told the same and I was too scared to let out my inner feelings to anyone, even my husband. I was scared that my baby won’t b able to cope up . I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep in the night paranoid that with each kicks missed my baby’s chances of survival will get diminished. I was scared that my baby even when taken out in the world will be too fragile to cope up ! I didn’t ask questions to the doc as I was too scared to even know the possibilities. However thanks to the wonderful team of docs I had, they ensured I was monitored minutely and didn’t let any mishaps to take place . I was given steroids to mature the baby’s lungs and thankfully I made it to 36 weeks and immediately I was admitted for a planned C-sec . The baby was too weak to attempt a normal delivery . My baby was born 1.6 kgs and was shifted to NICU the min he was born. He was breathing well and has been a fighter boy ! He was in NICU for 3 weeks and we got him home when he was 2 kgs :) totally a miracle baby! So even though it was my second pregnancy i was scared to the death. I was confused and so alone for weeks together trying to wrap my head to take care of the lil baby. Now at 6+ months his corrected age, he is doing great but is still on the tiny side. He is an active and extremely smart baby I feel and I m eternally grateful to the docs and almighty that I could come home with my bundle of joy. We dote on this lil one who has filled my heart with love and gratitude and taught me the true meaning of how one should be grateful to life as life can turn upside down in one moment ! More updates on baby Saransh in my following insta stories and feed !

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