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Oh what a hell of a roller coaster day it was!

It’s 12AM, & finally my kids are asleep! Now, after clearing up the mayhem that they have created throughout the day, I can now finally have the "Me Time" that I've craved for, slouch on the sofa and mindlessly scroll through social media, and although I just wanna "Netflix & Chill, I barely have the strength for it.

This lockdown has created a whole new definition of the new "normal " -- I mindlessly wake up every morning, cook, do the household chores, and also be the "FunMom" for my kids the entire day. And finally in the night when I get some free time, I'm just so exhausted but yet unable to sleep for long durations, thinking about what's gonna happen the next day? how am I gonna handle everything again?

I haven't got back to my work post-maternity leave and now I'm glad I didn't, cuz the whole day when my husband is away locked in the room, I can still be there to take care of my kids. They are young and life has thrown a real googly to them. Never could have imagined that they would experience such a time! I feel the life of my elder one has changed drastically. He misses his friends and the play time in the park. Teachers have started some online assignments for nursery but he doesn’t like them. I can’t blame him. It’s different to do the assignments at home vs school. I also feel terrible to be after him pushing him to finish his assignments as I don’t want him to falter and to be left behind.

To sum up my day, I'm cooking, cleaning the kitchen, keeping the house some what mess free while dealing with energetic babies.

In this lockdown period I hardly get time to chat with my husband. We are both either doing household chores or handling the kids and therefore get lil time for ourselves or to spend with each other. We have divided our chores, and in the morning he gets up early to do laundry, sweeping- swabbing while I take care of the cooking, cleaning the utensils, handling the kids the whole day and thinking of new ideas to keep them busy like arts and crafts, designing treasure hunts, different kinds of pretend play and again back to the essential ‘to-do' household chores.

People are having lot of free time to do stuff they like, pursue a hobby, read, take up a new course, organise and being Marie Kondo and here I am trying to just float and keep it going taking one day at a time. I hvnt learnt any new thing or a hobby or engaged in all these lockdown challenges or got down to organise my cupboards or even workout. Does that make me inefficient or less of a human I wonder ...

I have been meaning to pen my thoughts forever about lockdown. Finally got the chance on a sunday when husband took charge and I could lay back a lil. Well, excuse me, for my Baby has woken up & it’s his feeding time so Im gonna switch off my show that I was probably trying to watch and tend to his requirements.

In all this chaos, I talk to my mommy friends which is a ray of hope in the grim times such as this. It gives you strength to know that you aren't the only one who's going through this similar situation.

What is going to happen? When will this end? Will it ever become normal ? My mind wanders on these questions and as my baby happily laps up to the milk and sleeps peacefully. I smell his hair and kiss him on his forehead and then kiss my elder one too and feel the luckiest that time! Tomorrow is another day and this gives me the strength to fight each day and keep the morale high for the lil ones....isn't it? 😁

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