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💕”Home is where mom is “ 💕

isn’t this true ! .

💕My 4 year old gave me this adorable craft that he has been making with the help of his dad :) .

💕I am posting it now since this is the time where I got some free time 😄🤷‍♀️


💕So I have been seeing lovely Mother’s Day posts and honestly I love Mother’s Day. I love the extra hugs and kisses that I m showered on this day ! .

💕Although every year we go out to eat food and celebrate , this year due to lockdown we were at home only . I went about this day doing my usual chores at home but the recognition and the effort that were taken by my lil ones to acknowledge that today is mummas day was worth it and I absolutely loved it ! .

💕One can never get an off from mommy chores but it’s def a nice fuzzy feeling that leaves u with a big smile . The two boys make me go mad and I m always on the edge every day more so during lockdown but today even though I went n did the usual house work I was grateful to b a mom of these two ! .

💕The elder one kept telling me today’s Mother’s Day u need to eat first, u will get spl treat and that melted my heart then n there! .

💕So I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day by trying to bake my FIRST ever cake and that too in a microwave convention. .

💕Will let u kno how that turns out but yay for trying something diff... right !!! .

💕How was Mother’s Day ? Do u feel spl or is it just another day for u ? Did u do anything spl? .



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