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Merries Diapers Review

🤱A lot has been said about sleep deprivation in new moms . In fact my previous post was also about the same topic. . 🤱Newborns wake up 4/5 times in the night and it’s considered absolutely normal. However scientists suggest that there are few changes that can be made from our end to encourage baby to sleep better at night and get some sanity in place . 1. Having a sleep routine (babies thrive on a routine hence it’s imp to establish a nighttime routine- massage,warm bath, night suits, bed time story,an optimum environment for sleep with dimmed light comfortable temperature and lots of cuddles that makes for a perfect ritual. . 2. Secondly the one thing that can be a deal breaker too in my opinion is the choice of diapers. I have witnessed with my elder one that a dirty diaper leads to poor quality of sleep.Wet diapers can make the baby uncomfortable and can ruin the whole good nights sleep for the baby and of course the mom. . . 🤱I hv been experimenting a lot with diapers and off late started using @merriesindia This leading Japanese brand is now in india and honestly I was pleasantly surprised when my problem of night wetness was solved. The few features that I liked about merries diaper vs my previous diapers.. . . 🏅super absorbency - obviously the reason to shift was absorbency and I find this diaper to be super absorbent. With its wavy top sheet even though the diaper is heavy with pee the surface is still dry keeping my lil ones skin dry and rash free. . 🏅exceptional breathability - wearing a soiled diaper for long period of time can get uncomfortable for the baby but with this one the Baby’s skin doesn’t feel sticky or wet.The wetness indicator is also a great feature that helps to decide when is the time to change the diaper. All in all the diaper has def bought in some extra shut eyes for this mama and I m loving it.You can buy merries diapers at @amazondotin . 🤱The @merriesindia diapers makes my baby merry 🤩 So mommies what features do u look in the diapers ? .

P.S say hello to baby Saransh on his insta debut 😍 . . . #merriesindia #merriesbaby#merriesdiapers #thespunkymom#momblogger #mumbaimoms#productreview #newmomlife#bishlikz

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