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Hello world!😁 It’s been some time since my second one was born and I had not introduced him to the social media giving u ll lil sneak peaks. So here he is ... the newest addition to our family , our lil bundle of joy SARANSH!😍 We purposefully withheld his birth news on social media until we felt we had enough time to bond with him. To those of you who dont know, me and my family were blessed with another baby boy 6 months back ❤🙏 Life is indeed full of precious moments, but nothing can be compared this beautiful being who has brought nothing else but happiness and love into our family. Saransh is one of a kind, and extremely close to all of us. His journey into this world wasn't an easy one ( that’s a story for another day and time ) for now we are obsessing on his cuteness and how complete he makes our family. My elder son Palash has been protective over his baby brother and I love to see them bonding already 😇. We are blessed and glad that we have Another sweet smile to brighten our day, another small hand to hold on the way! He is like an angle that has landed in our arms with all of mommy`s sweetness, and all of daddy`s charm! . . #momblogger #thespunkymom #mommylife #momof2 #Saransh #mumbaimomblogger #indianmomblogger #mylilbaby #infantdiaries #familygoals #love #motherhood #mumfie #MySupportSystem

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