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Interview with #TheSpunkyMom - I

On this Mother’s Day, I was interviewed and featured by THE COMPLETE WOMAN, an online blog for and by the women. I was head-over-heels and this experience was indeed something that I would consider a ‘milestone’ in my journey as a #MomBlogger. Below is the full interview, read through to know more about me, my life and my family <3 Also check out their website to know about many more inspiring women!

Working Mother: Woman Of The Era


For centuries mother is considered God, for how she brings a life to this world. And it does not end there, rather it's the beginning! When a mother is born from a lady, the interests of her child become of paramount importance. ( is of paramount importance will sound much better) It's beautiful how a mother does everything without a single frown on her head. And it's amazing, how mother's today are balancing so gracefully between their work life ( remove life from here ) and personal life without any compromise. You look around, and there are many examples of such mothers. And there is so much one can learn from them. One such mother is Mrs Shreysi Chandra who is a Marketing and Communications professional and a mother of two kids. Shreysi, who does blogging too, is raising her children by surrounding them with so much of(remove of) love and happiness and is also feeding her independent-woman-soul with her full time work. Both of which make ( makes would sound better) her happy! Yes, she is a mother who goes out to work and still manages everything with perfection!


The Complete Woman had an sneak peek in her life as of to know how this wonder woman does everything so perfectly!


While talking to us, she opened her heart and here's everything what she had to say. Let's go!!


What would you say you're working for? Money or satisfaction?


I work mostly for my satisfaction but it would be unfair if I say that I don’t like the monetary part involved with the work that I do. The money helps me to perform better and strive and achieve greater success so that I can  be comfortable



Do you feel you've lost a moment in your child's life that you regret?


No I don’t regret missing  any moment in child’s life. I feel spending quality time is way more important than spending quantity of time. I take out time for my kid everyday when I come from office and we both spend that time doing either an activity or some learning together or reading books


How do you deal with the working mom guilt, if there's any?


All working moms have this guilt that they are unable to spend time with their kids. I hv always wondered why don’t fathers experience such a guilt? A working dad is easily acceptable in our society but on the other hand a working mom has to feel guilty about going out and work . Why ? Therefore I feel that we should stop beating ourselves with this working mom guilt n feel ok to letting the child know that his or her mom is a working lady . She also goes to office like daddy and trust me kids are extremely adaptable.


Are you working outside because of any pressure?


No I don’t have any pressure. I took a break for one year when my first one was born and me and my family was completely ok with it. I joined back when I knew I wished to. It’s completely my will. I like my work as much as I like being a mom to my kids


How do you manage things with work and family? How do make choices?


I just try to prioritise things and make choices which I feel is more important. Sometimes if I'm given a choice to go out with friends or stay at home , I prefer staying at home spending time with kids. It’s a constant battle between the choices and that’s what I keep doing to maintain a balance in life.

Is your partner an equal parent?


Oh yes! Morning hours are assigned to daddy since he has an afternoon batch for his playschool hence the whole morning chores of kids from bathing to breakfast is handled by their father! It’s his bonding time with the kid he says. Weekends again while I m busy with my newborn he comes to my rescue by taking complete charge of the first one! It’s said it takes a village to raise a child and indeed he is my village :)



Are you or your children experiencing isolation?


No none of us are experiencing isolation. We take our time for each other in the weekends and in the evenings or early mornings and ensure that we are present in each other’s life


How present are you with your children?


Extremely present ! For me it's the quality time spent and not quantity. Every evening, post coming from work I make sure I am spending time with him.


What are your goals for parenting and work goals?


My parenting goal is to surround the kid with immense love , happiness and positive environment and give the child enough support so that he is free to pursue anything that he dreams of and is grows up to be well rounded individual . My work goals are to constantly keep updating myself and improve so that I keep adding value to my work


Is it worth being working moms?  

Since I’m a working mom, I would said I enjoy working . I get my time to go in the adult world and use my knowledge to add value which is extremely satisfying. Work brings me happiness and I guess a happy mom rears a happy child! Hence it’s totally worth it!

What would be your message to all working moms out there?


The few tips I can give for all working moms is to shun away the guilt and that it’s ok to feel sad initially. Do remember you are making the kid independent and stronger by letting him/ her take decisions themselves. Spend enough quality time with the kids. It’s important to spend quality time with the kids to connect to with them.

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