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How to survive the vacation with a baby?

Vacation with baby means only a change of location... sounds familiar ? What happens when you reach the destination?

How do you survive your vacation with a baby and still make it a memorable one ? .

As some one who has done a lot of vacations - road trips , staycations, international trips, beach getaways , hill stations with a baby I am sharing few simple steps that I follow post reaching the destination which keeps my sanity intact and gives me time to enjoy too

  • Book the "right" room : Since babies have lot of luggage , it's imp to book a bigger room even if it is lil costlier . Gone are the days when one would return to the room only to sleep! With a baby the trips to the room will be frequent and long

  • Carrying baby's fav items : I carry Palash's fav books, toys and his blankie so that he gets a sense of home while he is away . @gerber puffs are his fav and I ensure that I carry that everywhere 😃

  • Immediate unpacking : As soon as I arrive at the hotel, I quickly unpack and make it as close as home as possible. Setting things up helps me to be organised for the entire stay

  • Keeping designated spot for bottles, milk, baby food : I identify a spot in the room and keep all the baby stuff handy so that I know in my sleep too the place for my baby's milk

  • Take turns while tending ṭo the baby when he/ she takes a nap : baby needs his nap and what we as a couple do is we take turns in nap sitting. One of us go for a spa or explore the hotel activities while the other one tends to the baby. 💪🏻

  • In this scenario a room with a balcony win hands down as the parent who is nap sitting can enjoy the outside view with a drink or two and hv the much uninterrupted "me" time😀

  • Change your schedule : Earlier as a couple we use to sleep till late during vacations and party till wee hours but with baby we change our schedule according to his bed timings. So we get up and go out during the morning hours when the baby is awake and retire early to our room. Don't feel bad that you are up and out at 6 am and in the bed at 7 pm! Embrace and learn to enjoy this new way of holidaying with a baby .

  • Getting the baby to sleep in a new crib : Sometimes baby don't sleep with the change in surroundings ... on those occasions get your baby to take a nap in your stroller. I carry my stroller so that baby can sleep comfortably in his stroller if he refuses to sleep at any other place

  • Babywearing: can be an alternate option if the baby doesn't sleep in the stroller. I have @boba4g and I highly recommend it when I m out doing touristy stuff in crowded areas.

  • Bend the rules: Its holiday time right so be lil lenient with your baby. Its ok to indulge him with sweets or screen time while you snatch some precious moments to relish the dinner or some quiet time with husband and most importantly make memories 💖

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