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Ice ice baby!

We are in a mood to chill as summers are here and what better to think of in summers than ICE!!!!

So today we thought we ‘ll have some fun with chilled beautiful ice cubes to beat the summer and since we love painting all over ourselves it would be fun to try painting on a different texture.

What do you need for this activity :-

1. Sensory bin

2. Lots and lots of ice

3. Paints

This is extremely easy to set up and I am sure it will create a fun time for your toddler keeping them busy for long time as they explore the texture of ice and get marvelled by paints and water on ice.

Look at lil P as he was fully absorbed in this activity and diverted all his attention towards painting the ice in the bin. Look at his concentration and twinkle in his eyes seeing this activity.

A little messy, little chilly , little learning about textures, senses and lots of fun!!! Isn’t holidays all about having fun and laughter to beat the heat!

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