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How to recover post C Section?

Giving a birth is an exhilarating experience. Whether it’s c sec or normal it completely transforms the woman’s body. A healthy baby is what that should matter and women giving birth via c sec shouldn’t b labelled as lazy or she had it easy . Let me tell u folks it’s not at all easy ! My pregnancy had developed certain complications in the end and I had to undergo an elective emergency ( if that can be a word ) c sec. it is a serious surgery and having to sleep in the night to prepare your mind for a major surgery is no easy feat! However I ll pen down my birthing story later but this post is about recovery tips post c sec.

1) make painkillers as your best friend - this time I was given paracetamol as painkiller coz I was allergic to the usual painkiller. Now paracetamols are milder painkillers and I was in real deep pain till my dosage was upped by the doc. Of course with each passing day the pain gets better but it’s better to take good painkiller to combat the discomfort post the surgery. Hence don’t be a super woman and ask for a higher dose of painkiller if required.

2) start walking at the earliest - it’s important to start walking with help as soon as the doc gives the green signal. Start by first going to the washrooms and then taking a 15 min stroll  post meal times. Walking increases circulation,  muscle movement, helps in healing faster  and also aids in bowel function.

3) combatting constipation - the body tends to get constipated post c secs and straining can put pressure on the incision hence it’s advised to take stool softeners to help in good bowel movement. Drinking 3/4 litres of water and having fibrous food also helps in combating constipation.

4) having nutritious food - eating right post a baby is very important. Have a high protein diet including  Green veggies along with food that are rich in vitamin c should b included for faster  recovery and also for easier breastfeeding.

5) caring for the incision - these days the stitches are dissolvable but still the area needs to be kept dry. If there is any redness or pain it needs to be shown to the doc immediately.

6) taking lot of support and help from friends and family. The body needs to heal and it would be wise to take as much help as possible to give  time to yourself to heal and recover. Hence in india there is a 6 week recovery period that is practised and I feel its a wise idea to stay put and focus on your health and Baby’s needs in those 6 weeks and not be in a hurry to run errands during this period . Also get emotional support from friends or talk to some new moms who are sailing in the same boat. Delivery post c sec is tough and it’s important to vent out your feelings to someone who can understand and be your emotional sound board. Make yourself a priority and focus on healing and automatically u ll be a better and a happier mom to your baby.

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