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How I Potty Trained My 3 Yr Old Completely!🚽😎

*HOW I POTTY TRAINED MY 3 YR OLD COMPLETELY!🚽😎* . . 💥Yay! My bub is finally potty trained.✌🏽 We have been wee trained since a year and a half but potty was a complete no no.🙅‍♀️ He preferred to use diapers or if he wasn’t wearing diapers then he would just do potty in his underwear. He was that paranoid about doing potty in the potty pot🚽 ( yes that’s what we call it). . . 💥He has been a stubborn kid when it came to Potty. He would pee in the potty pot but with poop he would hold it in school and day care and will only poop the min he use to enter home.🤭 . . 💥I knew he was ready as he would run and hide away when he wanted to poop He would poop and then tell me to clean his pants and felt it was completely normal to poop in his undies.🙄 So I was determined to unlock this mystery and I knew the abilities of my stubborn headed boy.✌🏽 . . 💥So when he turned 3+ I really started emphasising on complete potty training. I would also say don’t rush your babies to potty training. If u see the signs of readiness is when u should start doing it. Everybody achieves the milestone at his or her own pace, so don’t fret Mamas.🥰 . . 💥Getting my lil one to potty train was a whole journey in itself.😬 There were lots of tricks and mental games involved.🤪 .


So, here are some of the tricks that I followed to potty train my lil one.➡️ . . 💩🎊 I started with reading books about potty. Since my boy is fascinated by super heroes so I bought this book named “Potty Power”where all the superheroes - Batman , Superman , Aquaman and other DC super friends take on a new mission to teach the little heroes to unleash their potty power.⚡ It also has reward stickers to encourage the kids to acquire potty power and become super heroes when it comes to toilet training. 🌟 . . 💩🎊 Making the entire process fun and not cumbersome - So I had figured that he was scared of sitting on the pot so I tried making it a fun exercise by making him sit on it for 5 mins and mumma will sing and dance for him💃🎶. I never forced him to poop . I would just ask him to sit on the potty seat while mumma will sing his fav songs and dance to it and then he could get up. This continued till 15 days when he warmed to the idea of sitting on the potty seat which was actually half battle won.⚡🙀 Slowly I encouraged him to try doing potty and gently we reached there !✌🏽 . . 💩🎊 In addition to this gentle way, I parallely took one strong step too. Since I know I have a smart boy to deal with I told him that mumma will not wash his undies from now on as he dirties them.🤢 So if he wants to use the undies he should not poop in them but in the potty pot!🤭 This shook him a bit and also added to our goal🥳 . . 💩🎊 I also did over the top acting and use to verbalise day in and day out how gross it is to do potty in his undies🤢 and how clean it is to do in the potty pot.🤩 There are more germs when he does outside than inside and trust me my over the top acting on this really helped to get the msg across 😇 . . 💩🎊 Talk about potty training - I waited for long for my bub and hence I could talk about potty training with him every day. My experience says that it’s better to wait it out than put unnecessary pressure on the kid to get into the act. Wait for the signs of readiness. Once they start understanding about potty training then see if they start cooperating. It will be better that way!✌🏽 . . 💩🎊 Show enthusiasm about the little success of the kid🥳 - I made such a big big deal when he finally pooped in the potty seat that my smartie pants felt over excited.😍🌟 He was actually very proud of himself as his mumma was overjoyed. He was pleased with himself and therefore started pooping regularly to get the same reaction from me everyday . Celebrate the small success mommies💃. It matters to the kids!💕 . . So mommies, any other tricks that u can think of or have used to potty train your lil one ? Leave a comment down below.💟⬇️ . . #pottytraining #toddlertales#thespunkymom #proudmama#milestoneunlocked #momblogger#mumbaimomblogger#indianmomblogger #momfie#mommylife

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