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Guilt of a working mom

I am a full time working professional I tend to travel for work. It should be ok, right? Sadly it’s not since I am also a full-time mom. 🤦🏻‍

Let me be honest I enjoy working. I have always been ambitious and therefore never wanted to sacrifice my work life post motherhood. But then again no working mom in the world is spared from the guilt of not able to spend enough time and I am no exception! I do feel guilty, and it’s painful to leave your lil one behind and therefore I try to cut down my travel as much as possible but sometimes it becomes unavoidable. So what do I do when there is no escape from travel. Read on to the things I do to make my travel hassle free and combat my guilt to an extent!

1. Prep the child : I think kids are perceptive in nature and therefore it’s important to prep them up. If I know I have to travel, I start talking about my travel for a few days in advance. I start telling him few days in advance so that it’s not a shock for him

2. I try not to let my guilt overpower me: I know I am a working mom and that aspect cannot be taken out from my identity and I want Lil P to grow up to understand and respect the fact that his mom also has a life beyond home and she follows her career passionately. But most importantly I try to not let my guilt overpower me and take my sanity away! I feel a lil break here and there is necessary for the family to connect again! So I take these business travels as my time out from motherhood

3. Plan a homecoming activity : while it is important to prep the child before you take off it is equally important to plan a homecoming activity. This gives the child to look forward to something when you are back and do fulfil your promise when u come back whether it’s a trip to an indoor play area, buying his fav toy, taking him to an ice cream parlour whatever has been promised do fulfil it when you come back. This way the kid will focus on the good time he is going to have after mommy comes home! I always make a promise and fulfil that promise so that he is excited about me coming back

4. Keep your support system strong :thankfully I have an extremely sweet husband who ensures that he comes home early if I am travelling and pampers my baby to the hilt so that he doesn’t miss me so much but mommies keep your support system strong whether its daycares, nannies, inlaws. For me, daycares are my saviour since I vary of a nanny and trust me I have seen a lot of changes in his behaviour n social interaction coz of his exposure and interaction with other kids in the daycare. Find a suitable daycare that fulfils all your requirement and enrol the child in it. It’s worth it and a blessing for the working mom!

5. Constant contact with the family : technology is a boon these days. I m always connected with my family and my baby thanks to technology! I do video calls with him multiple times in a day so that he doesn’t feel that I am completely switched off from him and I am always thinking of him even when I am away!

6. Take them along : When the kids get older, I think it can be a good idea to bring them along with you. I think I ll have to wait for Lil P to travel with me but working mommies of older kids can try this option :)

So, ladies, do you have any more tips to combat the working moms' guilt when on a business travel or otherwise, please do share! Let’s hope all of us have a well-balanced work and family life! More power to you my fellow working moms!

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