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Getting Toddler to listen to you

Terrible twos they say and that’s when toddler are defiant and do NOT listen to you! So how do you make these young rebellious lot listen to you sometimes so that your life is a tad bit easier. Remember try to choose your battles . It’s ok to ignore few things when with a toddler. Here’s an example of how I got my toddler to not only listen to me but even participate in the chore that I was doing 😍 🍭Lil P squeezes the oranges and puts it on the floor . Now I could have lost my mind as it had become really dirty however read on to see how this panned out .... #momonmission

🍭Me : who has thrown these oranges ? Lil P : me ! Me : ok so now who is going to clean the floor and put the oranges to the dustbin Lil P : mumma 🤦🏻‍♀️ Me : ok mumma will get to throw these oranges in the dustbin how nice ! Mumma is going to run and keep it on the count of 1-10( full excitement in the face and not sounding like a mundane task) Let’s see how fast mumma can do it 😍 . . 🍭Lil P’s eyes lit up and he ran and got the cloth to clean the mess he created and even put it in the dustbin only to make it within 1-10 😆#momsmissionaccomplished . 🍭make the task fun and happy and get them involved and interested. Act silly with the kid and you’ll be surprised with not only their participation in the tasks but even their listening capabilities 🙌🏻

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