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What's a better way to teach kids about an airplane than let them build one? And, in the process Lil P learnt the different parts of an airplane, adding new words to his vocabulary. My boy loves to travel, and his latest obsession is learning world countries and flags and therefore I thought, since we are not able to travel right now, let's try making an airplane at home! .

I saw this easy fun activity on Pinterest and wanted Lil P to try it for himself! It can keep him engaged and also can be used as pretend play when he is next getting bored.

Crafts add a fun element to kid's learning process and as a parent, you can cherish your kid's lovely creations for a lifetime. .


For this simple yet fun airplane craft, all you need is : • Popsicle Sticks • Glue • Decorative stickers .. Instructions:

✈ First, glue 4-5 popsicle sticks together and let them dry..

✈ Take 2 large sticks and stick it on each side of the glued stick bundle. Let them dry.

✈ We didn't have a small stick for the rear, so we broke a stick in half and glued them together. Then glue it on the stick bundle on the other end of the 2 large sticks. Let it dry.

✈ Let your lil one decorate their plane with colourful stickers! .

VOILA! Now you and your lil ones can fly high like a plane!🛫❤



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