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Decoding Cough

Its that time of the year again when cold and cough are creeping inside our houses and making the kids fall sick. Normally a cold and cough shouldn't be treated with meds and home remedies should be followed so that the immunity is developed in these lil ones. Here are my few tried and tested home remedies to cure cold and cough :-

  1. BREASTFEEDING - This is actually gold liquid for all problems. If the child is still on breast milk then nothing works better than this! Breastfeeding lowers the baby's risk of having cold and it contains antibodies to fight virus and bacteria

  2. TURMERIC MILK - Babies above 1 year who have already started cow's milk can be given turmeric milk. There may be a chance that a kid is on food strike due to his poor health and its ok mommies. Do not force feed your child. Like I have said in my previous posts too, let him/ her choose the food he wants to eat. Most likely that they would be ok to drink milk so add a pinch of turmeric milk as turmeric is known to fight illness

  3. AJWAIN/CAROM POUCH - Roast ajwain in a pan and tie it in a muslin cloth to make a pouch/ potli. Check that its not too hot and use the pouch as a hot pad on child’s chest. Do it frequently for faster results. This ajwain potli helps in relieving congestion.

  4. BETEL LEAVES/Paan ka patta - yes betel leaves are amazing in reducing congestion. Warm the betel leaves and put it on the childs chest and forehead while he is sleeping. Betel leaves are known to absorb phlegm and ease congestion. Try it ! you’ll be suprised …

  5. LADY’s FINGER WATER - Yes boil lady’s finger, sieve and give the water to the child to sip through the day!

  6. KHADA/ CONCOCTION - Boil Ajwain (carom), ginger, clove (few), black pepper (5), cinnamon and can add honey/ jaggery to sweeten the concoction. Refrain from giving honey to babies less than 1 year. Sieve the concoction and let the baby sip through the day. This is wonder drink and eases congestion.

  7. MUSTARD OIL - warm the mustard oil with some garlic and ajwain and rub the baby’s chest and the sole of the baby with this oil. Cover the baby with a cloth post the massage. Mustard oil infused with garlic and carom is known a go to be effective.

  8. The other home remedies are rub baby vicks on the soles while sleeping and make them wear socks, give them steam in a closed bathroom, keep their head elevated while sleeping, put drops of eucalyptus oil on the baby’s clothes or in humidifier of baby’s room for ease of breathing

I am sure there are many more home remedies for cold and cough. However please keep in mind if the condition deteriorates of the baby, do not hesitate to show to the doctor! would love to hear more home remedies from you mommies!

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