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Color Sorting

I have fallen in love with coloured dot sticker activity! They are becoming mine and Lil P ‘s favourite activity these days !

Thanks to @pinterest for such wonderful and inexpensive idea to teach the toddler some concepts. I grabbed few coloured papers and got the coloured stickers and got lil P to pull off the sticker to add to the respective coloured papers on the floor ! . .

Lil P loved this activity. The pulling off the stickers helps in developing their #pincer grasp and he was busy for a long time enough for his mom to have some coffee alone #momwin right? .

sticker sorting activity while looks simple teaches them not only color but also their first maths concept . Sorting helps them to analyse and take decisions while also working on their fine motor skills . I tried to mix and match by asking him to sort his Lego too and put it respectively on the coloured papers . Swipe ▶ to check it out ! . .

So mommies try it out and let me know the fun that u have with this simple exercise !

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