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Building Vocabulary of Toddlers!

Updated: May 13, 2018

Lil P now has started to chat and blabber a lot and it’s a good sign. Talking is a milestone and with lots of encouragement and being exposed to wide range of words the milestone can be easily crossed 😊 Lil P is exactly at this imp juncture and here are few ways that I am trying to help him start forming his sentences :- The one thing I do is I try to expose him to lot of stuff and name and narrate everything whenever we go out , in the house, while reading a book or if I m doing something. Yes you are tired with all that talking but making progress as toddlers learn very fast. Try it and u ll be surprised . Secondly I never do baby talk: Although tempting and cute it sounds i refrain from babytalking . This helps in bringing clarity to them and getting the correct way to pronounce a word helps in building their vocabulary faster . Third Needless to say reading aloud helps a lot The one trick that I use is that I read his fav books and say few words and leave him to finish. He may stumble initially but it’s a good practise for them to roll their tongues and form sentences . Fourth be patient - if the kid is not ready to talk it’s ok to give his space. Sometimes naturally the kids take time to open up. However if u r tensed u can always talk to your paed on the language milestones . So mommies any #momtricks to encourage your kid to speak ? What do u ll practise ?

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