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Balancing Baskets

Balancing is a art to walk without falling or dropping things ! We as adults take this whole balancing act for granted but a point to be noted that this ability is nurtured, practised and acquired and doesn’t come naturally! Hence practising balance is a significant component of child’s development before they leap into other gross motor skills like galloping, skipping etc Now there are many balancing boards and stepping stones available in the market which are quite expensive and therefore I decided to stir up fun at my house with #DIY. #momhack Got inexpensive plastic colorful baskets and put them one after the other and got lil P to get all excited and jump from one basket to another. He was glued to this activity for a very long time #momwin Of course this activity needs adult supervision for a young baby like mine but trust me it’s loads of fun plus at the same time stimulates the kids balance and poise and give them the much needed exercise that releases their pent up energy to reduces stress and anxiety! This is an extremely cheap, simple but effective way to have fun while working on their gross motor skills. #winwin Few other fun balancing games can be “pillow path” - place different sizes of pillows and cushions and ask the kid to jump on it while crossing a path. Sounds fun isn’t it? . Does your family also have some favourite balancing game ?

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