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Are you dressing as per your body type?

‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’

Fashion is synonym for women, and us women should pamper ourselves silly and celebrate life. Fashion is not just about looking great but also feeling great from inside. So, all you beautiful ladies never get dejected if the particular dress doesn’t fit you. Carve your own style and niche. Dont get too caught up in what’s in trend and what’s inside the celebrity closet instead choose fashion or dress up according to the body frame, skin tone, level of comfort and your personal attitude!

Here are few of the tips curated by me on how to increase your fashion quotient irrespective of your body type!

1 Are you pear shaped – Are your hips wider than your shoulders? If yes, then try choosing darker shades. Pear-shaped women should focus on their upper body. They should wear fitted blouses, buttoned shirts and wear embellishments on the neck to focus the attention on the upper body. When opting for a dress, opt for A-line dress with belts that accentuates the upper body thus camouflaging the lower body. Trousers or pants should be solid in color and avoid any kind of embroidery, patches etc. Wide pants or pallazzos work well with pear-shaped bodies. Also small prints and vertical lines will make you look slimmer and taller. When choosing Indian attire, avoid wearing cotton or Kota sarees instead wear light sarees like chiffon and georgette.

2. Apple: Apple shaped body means wide shoulders, heavy bosom and waist. These bodied women tend to gain weight around the waist hence the need to dress appropriately to flaunt the assets. Wear well-fitted clothes to give an illusion of the perfect curve. Wear v neck, plunging necklines, strapless that will focus more on the upper body and give an elongated look. Wear tunics which are not very loose but fall just right below the tummy. They are comfy and also covers the unwanted tummy region. In Indian, try wearing A-line kurtis with leggings and floor anarkalis work the best. Apple bodies have the advantage to show off their legs. So wear short dresses, shorts, skirts with heels. This will lengthen your body and balance the upper half.

3. Banana: Banana-shaped body or the rectangular, alphabet H have evenly proportionate shape, which means shoulders, hips and waist are evenly proportioned. In a Banana shaped body, the waist is not well defined and you have a balanced body. For this type of body, you should neither wear too loose nor wear too tight clothes. Wear comfortable semis fitted clothes. For such body types, peplum style is the best bet. It shows off the curves and creates an illusion of a well-defined waist. In Indian wear opt for kurtis and garments that give flares. Go for frock style Kurtis with nice prints in bright colors. Keep your sarees heavy around the border and you can totally wear an embellished blouse to draw attention towards it.

4. Hourglass:They are considered ideal figures. Perfect bust and well-defined waist and perfect booty! If you have, an hourglass figure do not shy away from showing off! Hourglass figures can almost wear everything, so I will not get into what they should wear. However, what they should not wear are large boxy tops, highly embellished tops, polo necks and high necklines, loose clothes that will hide your perfect figure.

So ladies now you know the basic dos and don’t and guidelines of shapes and cuts to flatter your body. Go ahead and indulge in some fun with styling according to your body type. Do remember that fashion rules are just guidelines and always wear clothes that you are most comfortable with. I am most comfortable in knee length dresses and most of the time you'll see me wearing them

Comfort comes first and fashion comes later, however, it doesn’t hurt to know a lil bit of style and fashion to up your game! Isn’t it ? Was this blog useful to you? Do drp in your comments. Would also love to know more on the topics that I should address?

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