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Are we raising Fearful Kids?

Today when I went down, saw kids learning bicycle with all protective gears in place and covered from head to toe... made me go back to my time when I learnt bicycle without any such fancy gears! I learnt by falling innumerable times and getting bruises and putting the “lal dawai “(mercurochrome)

😀 on my cuts and scrapes and flaunting it like a medal ! .

So are we raising fearful kids these days? May be the situation has changed and we continuously hear horrific stories of abduction, death, abuse but in all of this a point not to be missed is that are we creating an overprotective environment for our kids ? A lil bit of fear is important I agree but should we Instill anxiety and fear in the kids minds ? .

All I feel that we can relax a bit and take gentle risks with the kids for them to figure it out themselves and basically gain independence... am I rite ? . What’s your take on this moms? What’s your parenting philosophy like ? What makes you worry about your child’s safety ? .

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