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9 months in ➡️ 9 months out! 👶 months in ➡️ 9 months out! 👶

9 months in ➡️ 9 months out! 👶 It’s hard to believe this little Sprinkle has been on the outside for 9 months already but he has amazed us every single day so far! I love these #9monthsin9monthsout pics because they show how amazing the female body is! I still can't get over that I grew this baby boy in my body! As for now, my fitness is coming back and I've been taking it slowly this time as I don't get much sleep with the night feeds so loads of workouts are too much. But I'm so much more confident and happy post baby this time round, like I don't really mind the changes and I'm excited to work on all my weak areas! I hope if any of you who are preggers or just had a baby aren't being too critical of yourself or body as it's UNBELIEVABLE what our bodies can do! At the end of the day, my two lil babies don't mind if I have loose skin, wonky boobs and extra wrinkles...they love me unconditionally and thinks I'm literally a superwoman and that's what keeps me motivated to go all out for my lil ones❤❤ . . . . . #thespunkymom #momblogger #mumbaimomblogger #indianmomblogger #mommylife #momof2 #infantdiaries #toddlertales #toddlerdiaries #babymilestones #9monthsin #9monthsout #beforeafter #thenandnow #bumpfie #mumfie

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