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7 tips to handle pregnancy like a pro at work

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Being pregnant is itself a full-time job isn’t it and imagine on top of it if you are a working mom to be, it gets all the more difficult! Unless the doctor has advised you against it, there is no reason you should not continue to work while pregnant. However, it is not an easy feat. here are the 7 tips from #thespunkymom which would help you to handle a baby in the boardroom. I am in my second trimester with my second one and have a full-time work and an energetic toddler at home. So it gets much more difficult for me as there are days when I would want to put my feet up and relax.

1. Managing morning sickness: Morning sickness can trigger anytime during the day. Therefore, it is important to be ready by managing it smartly. If there are certain smells that intensify the nausea steer away from that food. Frequent snacking may also help in fighting nausea and therefore stock your drawers with healthy snacks. drinking ginger tea also helps in lifting the mood.

2. Secondly be transparent with boss :Whenever you are ready, make sure that you tell your boss the news so that he hears it straight from you. The difficulties are easier to deal once you have your boss on your side. This may help in planning your doctor’s appointment and ensuring you get a safe working environment during pregnancy. It would be a wise decision to acquaint yourself with all the maternity policies of the company

3. Handling Fatigue : You are tired forever and this happens coz your body is working overtime to make the baby plus getting rest during workdays is tough: In this situation, try taking short frequent breaks during work hours, frequent snacking. Eat food rich in iron and make sure you have your prenatal supplements regularly, drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Although it gets difficult to sleep during pregnancy coz the pregnancy hormones act funny sometimes and keep you awake, it is important to have at least 8 hours of sleep to recharge yourself.

4. Exercise: Although post hard day’s work exercising will be the last thing on your mind, trust me just moving around for 20 min also does wonder to you. If the health care has given her ok, do join a prenatal exercise to have some exercise and meet new mommies to be who would be sharing the same anxieties as yours during this precious time.

5. Be professional at work: It is important to be professional and reasonable at work during pregnancy. Important for your boss to perceive you as a dedicated worker hence do not try to take advantage of the situation. Follow the protocol and inform well in advance while taking leaves, do not unnecessarily talk about discomfort and pregnancy unless asked. You can also diplomatically steer the conversation away from baby talk to more work-related talks

6. Plan your maternity leave: It would be good if you could discuss the maternity leave policy of the company with your boss. If you think you need more time with the baby, talk it out with your boss and HR and check if they can give you extended leave

7. Enjoy your pregnancy: Most important of all please enjoy the pregnancy. The time Is not going to come back hence it is essential to be happy as your emotional well-being directly affects the baby. A happy mom to give birth to a healthy baby

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