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7 Parenting Tips for All New Parents

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Parenting is daunting right? The first two years feels like you are hungover. At least I use to feel like that. It's recently that I have started feeling little less frazzled. If you are a new parent, you will have a lot of ideas on how to raise your kids. So as an experienced mom of a toddler here I am listing down my tips that may be helpful for the new parents:-

1. Do not expect – we all have our ideas about kids and how we would want the kids to behave Sure I was also one amongst the breed where I had notions in my head that I will discipline my kid to the T and my child will never misbehave or he will eat whatever food I give to him but all went to the drain when I actually became a parent. I realised that babies don’t come with a training manual and they cannot be trained. Each child is different and therefore it’s better to adapt to the kid’s requirement. It is ok to listen to you child whenever he/she needs you. You are not spoiling him but rather creating a bond with him. The baby doesn’t fit in your life. You have to make a hell lot of sacrifices to fit yourself in the new life that you have created for yourself.

2. Sleep Is must and should be given priority – most of the experienced mommies or even our mother in laws casually say that once the baby is out, forget your sleep. It is not something to be taken lightly. Sleep deprivation is real and it can be harmful. It not only affects the mood of the mother but also poses a lot of health hazards. Trust me I struggled a lot with sleep deprivation in my initial months as lil P was a light sleeper. But my advice to all new mommies and parents are

a) take turns during the night. We were also very enthusiastic initially and both of us use to get up to tend to the baby only to realise that none of us were able to function properly during the day. So, do take turns. One should stay up while the other catches up on sleep. May be during the initial months you and your partner can sleep in different rooms to catch up on sleep.

b) for all new mommies it may sound a cliché but do sleep when the baby sleeps. This way you will save your energy and time and you will be able to tend to the baby much more if you are well rested. Give your phone a break while the baby sleeps and catch up on your precious sleep. Health is important esp. when you are a new mom so please take care of your health and do not ignore your sleep.

3. Build your support system - Get connected with other parents. It’s always better to have someone in the same boat. I have a mommy circle and trust me I am blessed in that way coz I can check with them whenever I need any tips and ideas. We also encourage each other and uplift the mood if someone is down and feeling blue. After all it takes a village to raise a child isnt it ?

4. Do not compare: most of the new parents get panic attacks when their own kids do not achieve the milestones as compared to your friends. Each child develops at his own pace and don’t fret about it. If the kid is normal and the paediatrician is also ok with the developments, then I think there is nothing to worry.

5. It is ok to not feel peachy or drawn towards your kid in the initial months – new moms undergo a variety of emotions and a new fragile baby moves your world upside down so It is completely fine not to feel all peachy towards the baby. The initial months are full of challenges and sometimes you feel lonely. Hang In there as this too shall pass. Being a new parent can be lonelier so surround yourself with friends and family

6. Trust your instinct – new parents get paranoid about every small thing. I was like that too and with a plethora of information on net these days it can get scary. Trust your instincts and do not try to google each and every symptom. Kids are far more resilient than we give them credit. Listen to your baby’s cue and attend to his or her needs. Your baby will give you cues and if you listen to it you’ll be in much healthy space.

7. Don’t be shy to buy preloved or second-hand items for baby – We all know babies are expensive and they have huge needs right. Plus, they outgrow everything quick. So, one way to reduce the cost and keep the items in check that you buy for your baby is to buy preloved stuff. Prams, baby’s gym, rocker, bather, car seat, crib all such expensive equipment of the baby can be bought from a somone who doesn’t need it anymore. It’s prudent to plan your financials and spend on things that are of utmost importance rather than equipment that will cost you a bomb but will be useful only for some time.

I hope that these tips are useful to you. Anything more that you would want to add to the tips? The new borns are a huge responsibility but with little knowledge and getting attuned to them can help the new parents to sail through easily!

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