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6 Pregnancy tips for glowing skin

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Does your skin needs extra care during pregnancy ?

Whoa you are glowing ! Some moms hear this a lot from their friends and family during pregnancy, but some moms to be loose their melanin count and thus have to deal with pale skin.

There are a lot of harmonal changes happening during this stage in the body which is the reason behind this irregularities of appearance in women.

Below are the simple skin care tips from the second time mommy to be :

1. MAKE WATER YOUR BFF - During winters we tend to drink comparatively less amount of water as we don't feel thirsty often. Pregnant or not, one should make it a point to drink atleast 3 litres of water everyday. This will help in flushing out toxins and also help in reduction of water retention during pregnancy.

2.TAKE AMPLE REST - Pregnancy insomnia is real and I am suffering from it on and off but I also know that taking rest and having a peaceful sleep for 7/8 hours is extremely important for a healthy and beautiful pregnancy.

3. BE GENTLE - Avoid using any new/unusual, or harsh products on the skin. Check the PH level before using any products. Stick to known products or branded beauty products to avoid any skin allergy.

4. REGULAR EXERCISE- Low impact exercises during pregnancy is actually advantageous to your skin and health. Work out helps in increasing the blood flow and makes the skin looks healthy and glowing.

5. STRETCH MARKS- Invest in a good body butter, olive oil or sweet almond oil to take care of the skin and your body. Moisturise your body daily from 4th month onwards to avoid itching and stretching of the skin during pregnancy.

6. KICK OUT THE STRESS - Pregnancy is a beautiful period so don’t take stress. This journey will end soon, so pamper yourself and enjoy every bit of it.

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