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6 Fashion Hacks to Slay during Monsoons!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

It’s raining and pouring, and you want to get soaked in the rains! Correct? But you are not rain ready! don’t worry. Follow the #thespunkymom hacks for monsoon to enjoy the rains in style!

1. Say bye bye to boring clothes and add in pops of colour to your wardrobe – Rains are the perfect season where you need to remove all your whites and get the brightest and pop coloured outfits outside as the bright colours uplifts your mood and add the right pizzazz to the gloomy weather

2. ladies get your Dresses and shorts out – monsoons are the perfect season to show off your legs with shorts. Team up with tank tops or loose Kurtis to give a balanced look. If not comfortable with shorts, one can go for flirty dresses, sexy skirts or cute culottes. Try to avoid jeans or trousers as they get wet in the rains and cause discomfort

3. Choose the fabrics of the outfits correctly – ladies opt for polyester, nylon, lycra fabrics that don’t take much time to dry. Do ensure that you are not wearing outfits that would stick to the skin during heavy downpours. Good idea to wear spagettis under your tops to save yourself from fashion disaster when it is raining

4. Ditch leather or suede bags - If you carry leather bags, do take extra care as monsoons tend to ruin your favourite bag! Large waterproof bags are advisable during this period as they can carry a lot of essential items like an umbrella, a pair of clothes, windcheaters etc apart from daily essential items

5. Take care of your lustrous mane – Monsoons can be quite ruthless to your hair. I also suffer from bad hair days during monsoons. An itchy scalp, hair loss, frizzy hair, dandruff is just some of the common hair woes during monsoons. The one thing I practice during monsoons is to shampoo my hair 2/ 3 times a week and I am very consistent with oiling my hair too. I try not to leave my hair open and opt for simple and mess-free buns, ponytails to manage my mane. Monsoon is the perfect time to try out various hair accessories, braids, buns to give yourself a fresher look. In monsoons, the hair becomes very brittle and can develop fungal infections hence it’s important to keep it dry all the time. Post getting drenched in rain, it is also advisable to wash your hair properly. Drinking water and a lot of veggies also make your mane healthier not only in monsoons but throughout the year!

6. Pamper your feet fetish – these days you can find pretty footwear that is waterproof. Invest in those coloured flipflops and sandals during monsoons. Stilettos, canvas shoes or even ballerinas can get ruined during the season so best is to avoid them.

Additional things to keep in mind is to invest in a good quality waterproof trench coat, keeping extra towels, a pair of clothes handy when traveling or in office. Working ladies do keep a spare of change in your office drawer too. Also, carry the first-aid kit when you travel as rains may imply wading through water too sometimes and waterborne infections can be disastrous. Keep your first aid in your office drawer as well and always wash your feet thoroughly after it gets wet.

So arm your self-well and embrace the monsoons in style and grace!

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